Why Use A Local Lender

When purchasing a home (or refinancing) it’s very important to work with someone you are comfortable with and can expect great communication from.  Working with a local lender who you can speak with, meet with and have regular updates from is vital to make sure you are going to close on time and as smoothly as possible.  As a lender in the Southeast North Carolina area I am very proud to have built excellent relationships with many of my clients.  Whether its doing a quick mortgage update each year with them to make sure they are still in the best possible loan scenario or working with them to purchase their first home, it’s a job and privilege that I love and enjoy.

While some may think that working with an online lender or big bank may be best, the fact is that often times these organizations will advertise fast service and low rates when the reality is quite different.  In 2021 alone I have “rescued” at least 10+ loans for clients who started off with an online lender and they simply couldn’t get it done.  Often these companies will pay a low salary to their unlicensed loan officers who don’t really know how to pre-approve or underwrite a loan.  When I give a pre-approval letter to one of my clients I take that responsibility very seriously.  I know they are often risking due diligence money, inspection fees and other costs and I NEVER want a client to lose money because I missed something or made a mistake.  I believe that getting documentation up-front, reviewing income and assets and other qualifying items is extremely important in making sure that my pre-approval letters are iron-clad and my clients will be able to close on time without risk.

If you are interested in learning more about the mortgage pre-approval process or want to setup a time to talk please call or text me at 910-250-8888.