Local Lenders vs. Online Lenders

The question is often asked why using a local lender is SO MUCH better than using an online lender. While there are many answers to this question here are several of the most important ones.

  1. Local Market Knowledge – as a lifelong resident of Southeastern NC I have years of knowledge about our beautiful area. Whether it’s which neighborhoods have appreciated in value or which restaurant serves the best steak I promise I can help.
  2. Real Estate Data – as a member of the Cape Fear Real Estate Association I have access to tax data, HOA due info, historic trends and so much more. This often helps me provide my clients with the most accurate picture of their new homes cost.
  3. APPRAISALS – one of the best stories around in our industry is that of an out of town appraiser who was hired to value a home on local Bald Head Island. He asked the Realtor where was the bridge to get there. News flash…THERE ISN’T ONE. You take a ferry. This type of thing will NEVER happen using me as your lender. We only order appraisals from TRUSTED locals who know our area and it’s many eccentricities.

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